Best of the Burbs

All the hits from the greater Roseville, Elk Grove and Folsom areas

Tsk-tsk, suburbanites, you've been holding out on us.

Here at SN&R's headquarters on Del Paso Boulevard, we can suffer a little Midtown bias sometimes, even though we work a couple miles away from its cultural nexis. The art, the music, the food and the weird around these parts are just too damn intoxicating to ignore.

But to be fair, those of you who live, work and play in Sacramento's best-known bedroom communities have stayed awfully hush-hush about your treasures. We were led to believe the burbs were all about retail chains, parent-teacher conferences and fussy HOAs. But wouldn't you know it, there's far more to Sacramento than what's in her grid.

The residents of the greater Roseville, Elk Grove and Folsom neighborhoods have known this for a while. We know it now, too. And we're putting all you burb dwellers on blast.

For SN&R's inaugural Best of the Burbs issue, our writers went out and scoured your strange lands and turned up every precious secret you have. We chanced upon a wild livestock auction in Roseville, supped on divine French cuisine in Elk Grove and unearthed Folsom's hidden Chinese history. We also discovered a vegan-friendly cafe Midtown Sacramento would be lucky to have, choice vintage threads that bring the fashion and not the funk, and an art class that pairs nicely with a wine buzz.

So pop a Bud and fire up the backyard barbecue, neighbor. SN&R is moving in next door—and the burbs will never be the same.

The suburban commandos behind SN&R’s inaugural Best of the Burbs issue

  • Editor: Raheem F. Hosseini
  • Art directors: Hayley Doshay, Priscilla Garcia
  • Photographers: Ryan Donahue, Taras Garcia
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