Best of the Burbs: Best of Roseville writers’ picks

Don’t freak out, man. The ’70s are back, and they’re grooving at Roseville’s Roller King. Whether you’re a wobbly armed novice or an Elvis Stojko on four wheels, the polished hardwood demands your disco best.

Don’t freak out, man. The ’70s are back, and they’re grooving at Roseville’s Roller King. Whether you’re a wobbly armed novice or an Elvis Stojko on four wheels, the polished hardwood demands your disco best.


Best yogi grow

East Wind Yoga

Class ain't over until this fat lady is sobbing by the koi pond. This is the sweetest, best-kept secret of yogis in Roseville, offering morning, lunchtime, evening and weekend classes in hatha flow, hot and other styles of the ancient art of strenuous stretching. There's an amazing garden in the back where you can sit among primal ferns with steam rising from your body as you cry out your chaturanga frustrations while a Tibetan Buddha statue regards you dolefully. It's located just outside downtown Roseville, with abundant parking on side streets. Yogis walk to their cars giving each other blissed-out nods. Do the same. 210 Riverside Avenue in Roseville, (916) 316-9642, C.H.

Best craft-beer buzz

Final Gravity Taproom & Bottleshop

Final Gravity Taproom & Bottleshop is the best reason for Midtown Sacramentans to day-trip out of the city's vaunted beer bubble, and it's Roseville residents' strongest argument for avoiding the commute altogether. The 20-strong tap list is heavy on California craft beers, such as Berryessa Brewing Co.'s hoppy but session-able Footpath Pale. But it's the all-killer, no-filler bottle shop and niece-and-nephew-appropriate ambience that truly makes this place the “hops.” Final Gravity boasted a full slate of Prairie Artisan Ales offerings, including the dark farmhouse ale Funky Galaxy, just as a fever for Prairie began to overtake Midtown. Owners Kyle and Amy Ruthnick also offer special new releases—the 2013 vintage of Widmer Brothers' rum-soaked brown ale Kill Devil was on tap when we visited—as well as brewery nights and anytime four-beer flights. 9205 Sierra College Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 782-1166, D.B.

Best vintage-camera find

Action Camera's Semiannual Tailgate Swapmeet

At some point in time, the simplest of manual cameras were state-of-the-art. Now, with their often bulky bodies, rigid corners and handsome metal accents, the cameras themselves look like works of art. One of the few camera stores left in the region, Action Camera, hosts the Semiannual Tailgate Swapmeet in its Roseville parking lot. Vendors—some of whom come up from the Bay Area—can set up free of charge. The items they bring to sell vary, but there's always a plethora of gorgeous vintage film cameras to choose from, and they're usually in much better condition than you'll find at a thrift store. The event is always on a Sunday, from 8 a.m. to noon, and the next one will be at the end of August. Check the store's Facebook page for updates. In the parking lot of Action Camera, 1000 Sunrise Avenue, Suite 4B in Roseville; (916) 786-2288; S.

Best '70s flashback

Roller King

Roller King is home court to the Roseville TrainWreckers, champs of the Sacred City Derby Girls league, so you know this rink is legit. Couples, skate with your favorite sweetie at this perfect '70s flashback. The minute you walk into the lobby with the volcanic-rock walls, you'll be transported back 30 years. Wait, hold on, make that 40 years. Yeesh. Continue the time-warp illusion as you gingerly step into a pair of the house wheels and onto the neon geometric-patterned carpet, soaked as expected with spilled soda and pizza grease. Plan a birthday party here for one-stop shopping. Don't miss speed-skating class on Fridays, or live out your retro fantasies to completion on Retro Saturdays from 8 to 11 p.m. 889 Riverside Avenue in Roseville, (916) 783-0918, C.H.

Best pole workout

Vertical Fitness Studio

Oh, come off it. Pole dancing stopped being taboo when Martha Stewart tried her hips at it on national television. And while it may no longer be blushworthy, a choreographed routine around the pole certainly looks to be one hell of a workout. Don't believe it? Then go on down to Vertical Fitness Studio and see if you can keep up with their world-class trainers. Even if you're not in the best shape, these magic Mikes and Michelles will work with you at whatever level you're comfortable. They also have aerial hoop classes and host bachelorette parties with—wait a second: No men or spectators allowed? Why the hell am I even writing this? 107 S. Harding Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 825-1199, D.K.

Final Gravity Taproom & Bottleshop lines up a selection of choice craft beers for your sipping pleasure. This is the place to get your hops snobbery on.

photo by ryan donahue

Best unconventional first-date setting

Antique Trove

Sitting in the dark for two hours with eyes transfixed to a movie screen isn't the best way to get to know someone on a first date. But browsing through the massive Antique Trove, full of both beautiful and odd antique and vintage items, you and your date are bound to come across something that'll elicit a “My grandma used to have one of these!” or two. Enjoy the complimentary coffee and cookies (sometimes homemade) while you're perusing through old furniture, clothing, hardware, photographs, cookbooks and jewelry. Find out now if your hot little date has the same tastes as you, and take home a vintage memento to remember the good times—before you dump or marry his or her ass. 236 N. Harding Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 786-2777, S.

Best secret brew

Coffee cart at the Santucci Justice Center Courthouse

Looking at the glistening, windowed walls of Placer County Superior Court's main courthouse, you probably wouldn't think that it offers a heavenly brew of gourmet java inside. But anyone who's paused at the first-floor coffee cart before wading deeper into Placer's den of law and order knows this to be true. Word has it the caramel macchiato is to be arrested for. Or so the region's bleary-eyed crime reporters tell us. The cart is open for business weekdays between 8 a.m. and 1:45 p.m., and it's where all the prosecutors, lawyers and judges grab their morning jolt before conducting the people's work. It's the best reason to have to go to court. And a lot cheaper than a traffic ticket. 10820 Justice Center Drive in Roseville, R.F.H.

Best eyeball hike

Miner's Ravine Trail

Walk, bike or jog next to a babbling, flowing creek, and enjoy sightings of Canada geese, wild turkeys, ducks and—if you're not careful—skunks at dusk. This 7.5-mile asphalt trail winds on and on, and just gets more gorgeous the deeper in you go. There's a moss-covered concrete bench, gnarled oaks and lupines and California poppies in great colorful drifts. If you want to make a whole day of it, pack a lunch and eat in the shadow of the Olympus Pointe sculpture, and maybe take in an evening movie at the UA Olympus Pointe Stadium 12, which is conveniently accessible right off the trail. Parking is available at Saugstad Park off Douglas Boulevard, at the back end of the shopping plaza along Sunrise Avenue and at the northern endpoint along Sierra College Boulevard; C.H.

Best restaurant that should be downtown


The rich, subdued taste of the “‘Peanut' Butter Cup” blended drink is enough to make diners living near downtown Sacramento jealous that Baagan isn't located closer to their homes. But making the trek to this vegan (and mostly raw) restaurant pays off. The menu consists of deceptively mundane items—sandwiches, soups, salads and smoothies—but the end product is anything but. The fare is flavorful, but feels wonderfully light and, at the same time, incredibly filling. Such is the benefit of not earning frequent-fryer miles. Unless you're willing to make the drive or hire Baagan to cater, the rest of us will just have to live with envy until the eatery opens a shop in every neighborhood. 910 Pleasant Grove Boulevard, Suite 160 in Roseville; (916) 771-2117; S.

Best hipster dog toys

The Posh Puppy Boutique

If you have a dog, chances are it has a favorite toy. My dog's hands-down favorite is a plush piece of sushi made by Sushi Pups. No matter what new toy we give him to play with, he always seems to grab his old plush sushi toy for sentimental reasons. Besides, the thing is seemingly indestructible (my dog destroyed most of his other plush toys). Anyway, the only place near Sacramento to get these bad boys is at Rocklin's Posh Puppy Boutique. There you'll find unique clothes, eco-friendly toys and all kinds of other hipster accessories for your pet to enjoy. 6040 Stanford Ranch Road, Suite 200 in Rocklin; (888) 837-5230; J.M.

Best neighborhood meat-and-greet

Better Foods Deli

This old-school deli has a faded, small-town ambience that can't be duplicated by a marketing team, and the neighborhood knows it. It's where the elderly and local families mingle among each other for the best noncorporate sammies. San Francisco Giants and 49er fans can eyeball the respectable memorabilia collection. Marinated olives, cold noodle sandwiches and deviled eggs round out a menu that's abundant in decadent lunch meats. There's limited parking and, for that matter, limited seating. You've got to really want it. And you will. 900 Douglas Boulevard in Roseville, (916) 782-2841, C.H.