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Most kick-ass female self-empowerment campaign: Cary Williams

Olympic gold medalist Debbie Meyer is #nevertoopretty to be a champ.

Olympic gold medalist Debbie Meyer is #nevertoopretty to be a champ.


Cary Williams was tired of the comments. “You fight like a boy!” “You’re too pretty to be a boxer!”

Pretty, sure—but what does that have to do with strength and toughness, the trainer wondered.

“What they meant [by those comments] was ‘you’re really not capable,’” says Williams, a former amateur boxer.

Williams knows better. The Sac State grad lives in San Diego now, but got her start boxing in the 916 and is still involved with local boxing gyms.

Motivated, Williams launched Too Pretty, a clothing and accessories brand with T-shirts, boxing gloves, bags and more—all imprinted with the Too Pretty logo: a fist adorned with a crown.

The product line eventually inspired a #tooprettymovement Instagram campaign featuring photos posted by girls and women. Each photo shows its subject holding a cardboard sign that explains what she’s “never too pretty” to accomplish. The campaign’s been a hit with female athletes, including Carmichael’s Olympic gold medal champ Debbie Meyer (pictured left), but it’s also resonated with others such as members of the Cimorelli sisters, the mega-popular singing group, formerly of Sacramento, and two-time California Sen. Becky Morgan.

Whoever the signholder, Williams says the message is consistent.

“You can be a woman and feminine and still kick ass.”