Best new vegetarian dining: Bodhi Bowl

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Remember when you were little, and going out to eat at a restaurant was a treat, a special event in itself? That's what it feels like for a vegetarian going to an eatery with no animal flesh on the menu. And while Sacramento already has a handful of meatless joints, there's definitely room for more. Fortuitously, 2013 brought one: Bodhi Bowl in south Sacramento's Little Saigon, near the 65th Street and Stockton Boulevard intersection. The cuisine is Vietnamese, so it's light, yet filling, and there's pho—magical, vegetable-fairy concocted vegan pho. Plus, the staff couldn't be friendlier. This is the kind of place where first-time diners become regulars. 6511 Savings Place, Suite 100; (916) 428-4160;