Best lack of raisin fear and extra walnuts: Carrot cake at Magpie Cafe and Selland’s Market

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Have people finally stopped hating on carrot cake? You can find a good slice at just about every bakery and restaurant in Sacramento. For me, though, it comes down to two: the carrot-cake cookies at Magpie Cafe and the superb cake from Selland's Market-Cafe. Magpie gets extra points for not being afraid to have raisins in its mix, while Selland's wins the overall rounds for its moist, just dense-enough cake, the not-too-sweet cream-cheese frosting, and the extra walnuts on the bottom of the slice that make the last few bites a masterpiece of cakey goodness. Magpie Cafe, 1409 R Street, Suite 102; (916) 452-7594,; Selland’s Market-Cafe, 5340 H Street, (916) 736-3333,