Best jugs: Charles Trejo's giant sculptures

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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The jug in Charles Trejo’s driveway stands almost as tall as his modest one-story house in southeastern Sacramento. Made of sand- and salmon-hued painted concrete, this looks like one of those classic ceramic containers used in jug bands. The handle is fashioned from a bicycle tire, and the cork is a 5-gallon translucent-blue water jug (that’s right, a jug in a jug). The behemoth was made by Trejo—who says he’s been living at this property since 1947—back in 1976 for his grandson, as memorialized by the black lettering on the front: “Jesse hideout dec.111976.” But the sculpture is actually a tool shed, Trejo says, and sure enough, there’s a doorway cut out in the back and yard equipment stacked inside. Hidden behind the shed is another huge jug, although this one’s about half the size of the first, and it’s also used for storage, as a vintage red-and-white plastic Santa Claus crammed into the space wordlessly conveys. There’s no lettering on this one, but this little giant jug is clearly Santa’s hideout.