Best HIPsters: Hmong Innovating Politics

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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The HIP shall inherit the earth. And with good reason. Since forming a year ago, the diverse, highly motivated 20-somethings at the center of Hmong Innovating Politics have made a name for themselves by proving the establishment naysayers wrong. Young people can build a sustained movement. Underrepresented minority groups do have a place in local government. And as for lost causes? Says who? HIP has antagonized several goliaths in its short but active existence—heavy-handed school administrators and big-box retailers, among them. All the while, HIPsters (as members refer to themselves) continue battling for the little guy, whether it's low-income neighborhoods losing their schools or small-business owners who don't want Walmart driving them out. To paraphrase pop-rock god Huey Lewis, it's HIP to be fair.