Best hide and seek out: Flywheel

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Kari Shipman and Marty DeAnda are a buddy-cop movie waiting to happen. Shipman is the sharp-eyed millennial who cultivates Sacramento's up-and-coming fashion talent like a doting aunt. And DeAnda is the buff baby boomer whose geek-worthy vinyl collection could perk up even the most heartbroken customer of recently shuttered record store The Beat. Together, they run Flywheel, a happy collision of fashion-forward style and throwback rock 'n' roll. “This is a store of memories,” DeAnda says. “And we can tolerate each other, which is awesome,” teases Shipman. What unites the two business partners is an undimmed flare for sharing rare gems, whether it's a mint Rolling Stones album or a frilled clutch purse made from recycled bicycle tires and vintage fabric. “Our thing is to get people to know we exist,” says DeAnda, referring to Flywheel's spot in a hidden alley of Downtown Plaza. That shouldn't be a problem for much longer. 545 Downtown Plaza, Suite 1047; (916) 600-4308;