Best dive to bring your billiards A-game to: Round Corner Tavern

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick


“Crush”"—just “Crush”(left), tahnk you very much —shoots at Round Corner Tavern.

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Here's how it works at the Round Corner Tavern: If you want to shoot some stick, write your name on the board. For the stiffest competition, try the pool table nearest to the bar. Ball-in-hand or kitchen scratch rules are defined by whoever owns the table. And you never, ever make fun of someone for bringing their own cue. And, as if the great music, quality food and surly Oakland Raiders fans aren't enough, the Deftones' favorite bar has

Allien Jones plays some pool at Round Corner Tavern—aided by a smile.

established itself as one of Sacramento's go-to spots for quality eight-ball competition. Next time you're in Midtown, check it out—as long as you're cool with losing. 2333 S Street, (916) 451-4682.