Best dance night for the kids: Midtown BarFly

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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For years, the building that houses Bacon & Butter (killer breakfast) and newish dance club Midtown BarFly was pretty much cursed. As in, “That place sucks.” And now, in the past couple years, the spot has come alive and is making its stride, sunrise to well-past sunset, with great eats in the a.m. and ferociously popular dancing after dark. BarFly, operated by Susan Durst—also general manager at The Press Club a few blocks south—has captured a cool mix of beats enthusiasts (think the recent drum 'n' bass Dieselboy gig), dub and reggae, bass music, and even rock (City of Vain and Bastards of Young have gigged there in the past month). Plus, goth, house and salsa and swing-dancing nights. And, let's not forget that BarFly is for the kids: It's an 18-and-older joint, one of the few spots like it on the grid. 1119 21st Street,