Best cutting remarks: Fly Cuts & Styles

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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Toriano Mason has one large hand wrapped around a fragrant Popeyes chicken breast, as the other drags a gnawing clipper up the scalp of a Latino male customer, who's long since gone to his happy place. As the young man's meticulous fade attests, he's in expert hands. Fly Cuts & Styles, on the edge of south Sacramento's Little Saigon neighborhood, is the place you come if you need a tight fade and an ego check. It's renowned in the neighborhood as the shop that cares, where older gentlemen play chess in the back, and young kids with good grades are rewarded with small jobs and pocket change. It's also a riotous improv experience from the moment you enter. “You might just be sitting here getting a whole show,” Mason says. He's right. The cool, gracious owner and his outgoing barbers will cut you up with their clippers and good-natured humor. 6955 Stockton Boulevard, (916) 399-8165.