Best comedian who won’t make a dick joke

Ray Molina

Photo by ryan donahue

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It's not that Ray Molina is above a crude joke. But he doesn’t drain that main vein of comedy to get cheap laughs. Rather, the local stand-up artist gets material from a darker place, then spins a story that makes his audience laugh and wince at the same time.

One such bit involves an incident when a chubby, young Molina had to decide between intervening in a violent family fight or maintaining control of his bologna sandwich. You’ll have to catch one of his sets to find out which impulse wins.

Molina speaks in a calm, well-modulated tone, almost mumbling at times. That and his openness about his travails create an intimacy with the audience that’s lacking in many abrasive “dudes do this, chicks do that” comedians.

He’s no milquetoast, though. He hosts the monthly comedy open-mic night at Bows & Arrows (1815 19th Street), and he can zing a hack in such a civilized tone, that said hack may not realize he’s been insulted.

Molina gigs frequently at MoMo Sacramento (2708 J Street), Laughs Unlimited (1207 Front Street), Punch Line Comedy Club (2100 Arden Way) and the Sacramento Comedy Spot (1050 20th Street, Suite 130).