Best art-house theater to rescue film geeks

Varsity Theatre

photo by steven chea

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Do you realize that Sacramento might be facing a future in which it has no single dedicated art-house movie screen? The Crest Theatre closed down its two lower-story theaters and now only shows special-event films on its main screen. The Tower Theatre, meanwhile, always seems on the verge of crumbling. Who will save us from endless screens showing Transformers 69: Optimus Prime Gets Laid or Pixar Presents: Dante’s Inferno?

Relax, the Varsity Theatre in Davis is not going anywhere. Know why? Because college students still like to go see movies, and college professors still like to go see arty movies as a break from those stuffy ivory towers. The Varsity has been open in its current location since 1950. It’s not a grand movie palace like the Crest, but it’s cozy and still has a few Streamline Moderne features intact. As a bonus, there’s a counter through which you can buy gelato from the Icekrimski Cafe next door. So, if you’re stressed about getting your fix of Palestinian movies or missing the latest empty bauble from Sofia Coppola, drive across the causeway and breathe a sigh of relief. 616 Second Street in Davis, (530) 758-5284,