Best after-hours place to ease pet anxiety: Mueller Pet Medical Center

Best of Sacramento 2013 writer’s pick

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It's bad enough having a sick or injured pet—it's worse when something happens to your beloved animal outside normal vet hours. Mueller Pet Medical Center helps to somewhat ease the fear and anxiety that accompanies that 2 a.m. emergency—kidney failure, broken bones, vomiting, seizures, you name it—with its 24-hour urgent-care services. The vets here, many of whom are working through residencies, offer immediate treatment, and also team up with your pet's regular doc to obtain records or transfer of care, etc. The sleek, sprawling facility is secure, with an after-hours building entry—nice to know when you're rolling up in those darkest of predawn hours, worried sick about your baby. 7625 Freeport Boulevard, (916) 428-9202,