Before I Go to Sleep

Rated 3.0

A woman who, as a result of a traumatic injury in her past, awakes every day to amnesia (Nicole Kidman) and tries to slowly piece together her former life with her husband (Colin Firth), relying on the assistance of her doctor (Mark Strong)—but are they really who they seem to be? And is she? Written and directed by Rowan Joffe (from a novel by S.J. Watson), the movie is short on surprises. With only three characters (plus a very few others that shouldn't be spoiled) there are only so many ways the story can go. Still, for all that, suspense is strong thanks to Joffe's steady pacing and an unsettling, menacing atmosphere. Thanks also to fine performances from the three principals—especially Kidman, understandably nervous and twitchy, afraid to turn every corner, wondering if she's turned it before.