Beautiful Creatures

With guitars and vocals reminiscent of the band Scream—the band John Corabi fronted before his ill-fated stint with Mötley Crüe in the early ’90s—Beautiful Creatures hammers out a recipe for disaster. This sound is incredibly gritty, with loud guitars and harmonies included in the vocals and melodies that just won’t get out of my head, even after repeated listenings. These guys could be compared to Buck Cherry, but their sound’s closer to the bone—more sleaze and bombast, and no rap-rock to be found anywhere. Check out the songs “Blacklist,” “Kickin’ for Days,” “Wasted,” “Ride” and “1 A.M.” (the latter featured in the movie Valentine). The Creatures were on Ozzfest this summer, which is where I first read about them, but at that time their CD was not available. It is now, and if you crave whiskey-tinged, gravelly hard rock, these guys’ new CD should not be missed.