Baggage Claim

Rated 1.0

A flight attendant (Paula Patton), pushing 30 and growing desperate, is determined to find a date for her younger sister's wedding, so she flies around the country looking up all her exes—only to remember why it didn't work out with them in the first place. This laughless rom-com opens lamely and gets worse as it goes along. Nothing about it rings true—not the contrived premise (has writer-director David E. Talbert even been in an airport in the last 12 years?), nor the string of false endings, nor (least of all) the overdone head-wag-finger-point acting by everybody, as if they're playing to a whooping sitcom studio audience. Patton and a few decent actors—Derek Luke, Taye Diggs, Djimon Hounsou and a few others—do their best, but they can't make up for the script (or the rest of the cast).