Baby Mama

Rated 4.0

An upscale career woman (Tina Fey) feels her biological clock running out; unable to conceive, she hires a surrogate mom (Amy Poehler), who moves in with her after dumping the boyfriend (Dax Shepard). Writer-director Michael McCullers’ script is short on surprises, but it has a symmetry that makes it gracefully satisfying, and laughs are frequent. Best of all, McCullers knows a good thing when he has it, and he has Fey and Poehler, longtime pals (and SNL “Weekend Update” partners) who work together with easy joined-at-the-hip rapport; they could, with luck, be one of the great comedy teams. The supporting cast surely doesn’t hurt: Sigourney Weaver as the simpering surrogacy broker, Steve Martin as Fey’s hippie-dippy boss, Greg Kinnear as a local juice-bar merchant, Romany Malco as Fey’s doorman, etc.