Awesome sauce

Illustration by Mark Stivers

I'm a sauce person. In other words, depending on the meal, I'm always slathering on extra salsa, sriracha, soy or fish sauce. Therefore, I was happy to hear that SN&R salespeople Kelsi White and Dave Nettles recently started a sauce company called Ocean Beach Foods Co., which currently produces Tikki Masala Sauce and Taqueria Sauce (both vegan). Each 12-ounce jar (which features a label designed by former SN&R design manager Kate Murphy) is made from local ingredients and without preservatives. They're currently available at Taylor's Market (2900 Freeport Boulevard), the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op (1900 Alhambra Boulevard) and the Midtown Farmers Market Sacramento (2020 J Street on Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.). According to Nettles, the Taqueria Sauce best pairs with any Mexican dish featuring carne asada. And the Tikki Masala Sauce pairs well with a simple meat (or tofu) and vegetable stir-fry, according to the label. An Indian curry sauce and a salsa verde are currently in the works, says White. Visit for details.