Art is for squares

Peter Stegall, <i>untitled</i>, gloss enamel on paper, 2001.

Peter Stegall, untitled, gloss enamel on paper, 2001.

When someone hangs an exhibition of paintings with a title like “The Square Revisited (And Other Things),” it can go one of two ways—an exploration of geometric content, or something more along the lines of kitsch portraiture: Joe Friday, Mr. Whipple, Guy Lombardo. In the case of the lineup of paintings by Peter Stegall currently on display at Jayjay through Saturday, February 16, it’s the former ticket, as in L-7. Stegall paints squares of various colors, juxtaposes them against one another and lets the hues do the talking. Which they do. Jayjay is located in Curtis Park at 2906 Franklin Blvd. near 4th Avenue; it’s open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. For information call 456-7650.