Rated 3.0

DC Comics rummages among its second rank of superheroes for Aquaman (Jason Momoa), who has been living in the back pages of bigger stars since the 1940s. The hodgepodge script by five writers (including director James Wan) makes him the offspring of a princess of Atlantis (Nicole Kidman, CGI’d back into her teens) and a lighthouse keeper (Temuera Morrison), becoming a hero-hybrid of King Arthur and Romulus, pulling the Trident from the Stone and vying with his evil half-brother (Patrick Wilson) for their undersea kingdom. Momoa makes a scruffy, sexy hero (he looks like he should be standing on a road divider with a “Will Swim For Food” sign), and the visual effects crew has a waterlogged field day. It’s campy and miles over the top, but fun in its loopy wouldn’t-it-be-cool-to-breathe-under-water way.