Apples of my eye

Illustration By Mark Stivers

Last week, a friend called to tell me that the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op had Pink Pearl apples in stock: pink-fleshed, tangy and crunchy. By the time I got there, though, these elusive beauties were nowhere to be seen. I was crushed; I had been looking forward to trying them, possibly with a slice of luscious, aged Beemster cheese and walnut bread. Then I got the breaking apple update: The Pink Pearls were back! They were worth the wait. From the outside, they’re tan in color and as drab as the average oyster, but the rosy flesh (which can be mottled or solidly aflame) is a beautiful surprise. They’re great for baking, as I know because my friend even brought me a slice of the best (and prettiest) apple tart I’ve ever had. The co-op has plenty of great apple varieties even when Pink Pearls are out of stock, but it’s worth an extra trip to find these apples of my eye.