Animal instincts

Don’t let Troy Mighty’s circus car run you over.

Don’t let Troy Mighty’s circus car run you over.

Who doesn’t love the circus? Well, the animals, probably. I mean, think about it from their perspective. What a shitty racket that must be, even before you factor in the human cruelty they endure.

Oh, don’t even bother with the “What human cruelty?” line. We all know perfectly well that human cruelty has been determined by (cruel) scientists to be the only non-depletable natural resource in the entire universe. Let alone in the circus.

“There’s no reason to have wild animals in the circus,” says Gale Hart, an artist and the proprietor of Midtown’s A Bitchin’ Space collaborative art gallery. “No one can argue it’s necessary or makes our society a better place—and it’s easy to see that the animals suffer.”

And no, that’s not Bitchin’ as in Bitchin’ and Moanin’, wisenheimer. It’s Bitchin’ as in utterly bad ass. Which is what Hart’s Circus Show & Other Atrocities, taking over her gallery this weekend, looks to be. Nothing draws a crowd like atrocities.

“If there truly was a greatest show on Earth,” Hart continues, “it would have amazing one-of-a-kind art, unique and entertaining performances, partial proceeds going to charities, and the longest circus train ever made by the biggest artists around.” Plus, and most importantly, no animal abuse whatsoever.

To keep things positively bestial and properly carnivalesque, however, Hart has arranged for a bona fide big top, and a wild parade through town (particularly along 20th and 21st streets) during Second Saturday’s art walk. This will include performances by various clowns, freaks, jugglers, the increasingly legendary Kings of Drag, “and maybe even a naked person or two in a cage.” OK, yes, that does sound pretty bitchin’.

“The world’s longest artist-made circus train was collaborated on by 25 artists,” Hart adds. “Most of the artists were not ‘political’ regarding the circus. But when they were presented with the facts, it was easy to get them on board.” The show opens at noon on Friday September 7, with a reception Saturday September 8 from noon to 10 p.m. Find A Bitchin’ Space at 2114 19th Street or online at