Andrew W.K.

Whenever Rolling Stone gets wet about an artist and lists it in its “Artists to Watch For” feature, you can’t help but notice. Unfortunately, Andrew W.K. is the inside joke that nobody—including his haphazardly assembled band of New York hair gypsies—gets. I Get Wet is either anthemic party rock (check out the tepid “It’s Time to Party” or “Fun Night”) or obnoxious bar banter. If “I Love NYC” is a tribute, it certainly wasn’t commissioned by the city. And if NME doesn’t stop heralding Andrew W.K. as the second coming of Nirvana, the fate of England’s music scene may be in danger. Donald Tardy, ex-drummer for death-metal stalwart Obituary, may be the band’s only saving grace. Notes Andrew W.K in a recent interview, “This record is about ‘not stopping’ in every sense of the word.” Pressing stop is, however, the greatest joy you’ll receive from this piece of trash.