Amores Perros

Rated 4.0 Love’s a Bitch is the English title of this Latino Tarantino mix of crime, mayhem, passion and lost souls. Autos and a trio of stories collide at a Mexican traffic intersection in this seething, unsettling Oscar-nominated debut from director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. His three-pronged tour of hell on earth graphically exposes the underworld of urban dog fighting and a young man’s determined plan to steal his brother’s wife, unravels the life of a supermodel at the height of her career, and drops like a spider into the decaying existence of a revolutionary-turned-homeless hit man. Infidelities and canines snarl, whimper, profusely bleed and wag their feverish heads in a lurid dance of imagery that is definitely not for the squeamish and lingers like an epic nightmare.