Freddy Got Fingered

Rated 1.0 MTV personality and Drew Barrymore squeeze, Tom Green, plays a would-be cartoonist whose aimlessness leads him into several tasteless adventures: gutting a deer and wearing its bloody pelt, flogging the legs of a paraplegic woman, masturbating various large animals—you know, the usual stuff. Freddy, by the way, is the cartoonist’s younger brother, whom the “hero” accuses their father (Rip Torn) of having molested. In fact, it’s the audience that gets fingered. Green, who directed and concocted the script with Derek Harvie, is perhaps the only person on earth who could make a moviegoer actually nostalgic for the subtle intellectual brilliance of Pauly Shore. Barrymore, out of misguided loyalty, plays a cameo role, thereby setting her career back several giant steps.