All over but the shouting

Some citizens despise the political season—I love it. For the simple reason that it creates arguments. Nothing like people with deeply held beliefs spouting off on all manner of subjects that they have relatively little background in. It’s American.

And so it is in my Land Park neighborhood. Go around a corner and see Fargo and Kerth signs shouting at each other, and Gore and Nader facing off. Then there’s that obnoxious royal blue Bush sign.

I’m happy to report that the wrestling match over candidates and issues invaded my very kitchen last weekend as an open house turned into a debate over the presidential race. A few people even knew what they were talking about. Views, instead of fists, were thrown out well into late evening. But all the quarreling sadly came to an end on Election Day.

While much political discussion takes place over backyard fences, I simply climbed over my neighbors’ fence to vote in their garage. They moved out the trailer and carted off some boxes to make room for the voting booths. I pitched in to help move the basketball standard. The polling place workers were starting to hunt down space heaters to fight off the evening chill.

I like this part, too. The neighbors came out in droves because the turnout was heavy, yet nary an arbitrary campaign slur was heard. They walked out with a smile and an "I voted today" sticker. It had a harmonious, yet temporary feel.