Green sheet

It isn’t easy getting read if you are green.

The Green Party is struggling to get the attention of the American voter with limited resources in this media- and money-crazy political environment. We can sympathize with the struggle.

Not to the point, however, that we’ll allow some Nader Raiders to invade our paper with an insert that wasn’t authorized.

It seems a Sacramento Green Party member executed a guerrilla-marketing technique at the expense of this company. This cost us some valuable time, and they wasted 1,000 copies of their newspaper, which we imagine is against the cash-strapped Green Party bylaws.

Last Thursday at about midnight, a Green Party supporter skulked through downtown and raided 40 of our vendor boxes. The skulker inserted the 10-page “Vote Nader 2000” paper into our newspaper without permission.

Our employees then spent about 10 hours pulling the inserts out of 1,000 papers and took the “Vote Nader” message to the recycler.

When the Green Party asked for extra copies of the issue of Sept. 7 with Nader’s picture plastered on it, we happily agreed to give them 2,000 extra copies.

A Green Party spokesperson said a supporter had done this without approval and was told not to do it again.

Nice try. Bad execution.