All Natural

The Family Tree is an independent hip-hop collective that includes the members of All Natural. Tone B. Nimble and Capital D, the nucleus of All Natural, show their roots on this impressive effort via their homemade lyrics, beats and scratches. Even more impressive are their self-penned tracks, especially tunes like “The Stick-Up” and “Here’s the Hate on Chicago,” which work like storybooks. All Natural has a formidable fan base already; it sold 5,000 copies of its debut, No Additives, No Preservatives, and seems poised to take over college radio, proving that, once again, the group is in the game for all the right reasons. As Thrill Jockey’s 99th release, it would only seem proper that these boys get the kudos and accolades of their label mates. Coming from a label that has consistently put out great records for the better part of the ’90s, All Natural follows that tradition and then some.