All Girl Summer Fun Band


Like a breath mint at 2 a.m., the All Girl Summer Fun Band’s second full-length CD refreshes with a vibrant record of pure modern pop that rocks, rolls and is never boring. And, just when you think you know what’s next, the band throws you a curve. From the opener, “Dear Mr. & Mrs. Troublemaker,” to the closing live track, “Tour Heart Throb,” 2 never takes its foot off the accelerator. Every song is less than three minutes long and as sweet as a strawberry milkshake. Keyboardist-vocalist Kim Baxter has perfect diction, as clear as Ronnie Spector in her prime. Guitarist Jen Sbragia plays leads that sound like backward Phil Manzanera. Cute female backup vocals that never sound corny pepper each song. What can you say about a band that writes a love song to former pro-skater Jason Lee? Fantastic!