All-American gyro

Illustration By Mark Stivers

On the gritty stretch of Folsom Boulevard just before you hit Sacramento State, I always wondered about that decaying burger drive-in. Well, no longer—it’s been gone for a while now, replaced by Dino’s Dogs & Gyros , the name spelled out in spiky Greek letters on the outside. Inside, the place is still bare-bones and a lot of the menu is basic fast food, but the gyro is darned tasty. If you want a cheap, quick meal, $5.95 gets you a fluffy, toasty-crusted pita piled high with lettuce and onions, and slices of a tender, juicy brown lamb-beef blend that’s full of aromatic spicing, plus lots of feta cheese. The tzatziki was a little bland, but the sandwich still went down easy. And if you’re still hungry after the gyro, try the thick and rich chocolate milkshake. 6727 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 455-8312.