It’s precise.
The small tick of each second on a clock.
The match of galactic swirl to everything that falls.
It catches up with you.

Never is not realistic.
Never is youth.
Never has its own motivation.

Adult has a different function.
Things are changed once you know.
Never, becomes forever, and is gone.

                           It’s efficient.
                           The cogs in motion.
                           The spin of wheels on pavement.
                           It passes you by.

                           Always is not a guarantee.
                           Always is a notion.
                           Always knows the unknown.

                           Parenthood has a different reality.
                           Things are magic once you know.
                           Always, becomes right now, and is gone.

It is part and parcel.
The acceptance.
The moment.
It overwhelms you.

Mother is the word you speak.
Mother is the driving force.
Mother is the gentle love.

Generation has a beautiful goal.
Things are recognized once you know.
Mother, becomes the eternal, and is here.

                           It is movement.
                           The passage and proliferation.
                           The briefness of it all.
                           It calls you.

                           Family is the constant.
                           Family comes in many forms.
                           Family is the highest common denominator.

                           Truth has desire to be heard; an ease with which it’s spoken and remembered.
                           This is proven once you know.
                           Family, becomes everything, and is here.

It is divine.
The organization.
The structure.
It is elemental dignity.

Yes is why John loved Yoko.
Yes is the surest path.
Yes is the answer that binds you to the Holy.

Freedom has a spark in every chest; nobody is original, some are just first.
This is given once you know.
Yes, becomes when, and is received.