Acme Rocket Quartet

Sound Camera

Instrumental music is an afterthought for many, but for serious practitioners of the genre, instrumentals offer the sonic equivalent of cinematography. Davis’ luminous Acme Rocket Quartet must know that; it goes widescreen on this new 13-track disc, covering enough bases here to make up an audio film festival. Guitarist Roger Kunkel’s many voices drive the band—e.g., Memphis rhythmic cool on “Tracksuit Suite,” lyrical Ennio Morricone baritone lines on “Lusitania” and Beefheartian skronk on the loping “Spoke French.” Trumpeter John Killebrew occasionally gets a little too brassy, but most of his fluid lines are spot-on, and bassist Dave Thompson and drummer Rusi Gustafson provide solid grooves, with band members adding various keyboard parts for texture. All in all, it’s solid cinema, sans visuals.