Concentrates galore, and more, at Alternative Medical Center

Buddy Peeler is a qualified medical-cannabis patient writing under a pseudonym.
Visit Alternative Medical Center, 8665 Folsom Boulevard, (916) 386-3588.

There’s a bright spot in the underserved and dreary Folsom Boulevard strip on the edge of town between Watt and Howe avenues: the medical-cannabis dispensary Alternative Medical Center. Better known as AMC, this collective serves a neighborhood that the city forgot. Right between Lottery Liquors and Folsom Blvd Self Storage, AMC is the King Tut’s tomb for medical-pot users, boasting a mesmerizing selection of all things cannabis.

Firstly, AMC has a massive and consistent selection of indicas, with Granddaddy Purple, Kryptonite, Godfather and Bubba Kush, and the astonishing Blue Dragon always in stock.

The sativa selection has is wildly varied, too, with standards like Snowcap, Juicy Jack and 707 Headband and exotics strains such White Russian and Green Candy.

One mind-blowing herb is AMC’s exclusive Super Jack, a Superstar-Jack Herer hybrid dipped in hashish. And if you are lucky, you may be able to get your lungs on Firecracker, or Snowcap rolled in hashish, which is AMC’s other exclusive blend.

AMC’s hybrids lean heavily toward the indica. It also has healthy clones for as low as $10 a plant.

Besides Frankenweed, AMC has a tested selection of tinctures, candies, Kushtown Sodas, Funny Honey and cannabis soy sauce.

But the usual dispensary stuff ends here, because AMC is a serious about hashish. Only in the back alleys of Marrakesh or Beirut would you find such a magnificent and carefully selected hashish collection.

An astonishing 40 different kinds of hashish is always on hand, from the medical grade, pure H2O extract, full-melt bubble hash that that has virtually zero plant matter to CaliGold, which tests between 60 to 88 percent THC.

The majority of AMC’s hashish is labeled by strain, THC and cannabidiol levels, so you know exactly what you are getting. That helps when you consider how potent hashish can be.

Without sounding like a laundry list, AMC has Rascal OG and Phantom OG hash oil strong enough to turn Michelle Bachmann into a socialist.

And, if that does not do it for you, there is Pure 420—as clean a hash oil that you will ever find. Then there are all of the various keif, hash crystals, pressed keif, waxes and full-melts.

Keeping it simple, and serving a neglected community that the folks at city hall forgot about long ago, AMC lives up to its name—and then some.