A time to give

The local Salvation Army has reported a lower than usual number of donated toys this holiday season. You can help them provide toys and assistance to 19,000 needy Sacramento children. See the TSA listing for contact information.

Also, consider donating to a national charity (like the American Lung Association or the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America) that aids those affected by an illness that you or a family member has been personally touched by.

We’ve entered the crazy season of holiday giving and receiving where the credit cards come out and piles of gifts get exchanged between family and friends. This year, in the spirit of the season, consider extending your gift list to include tax-deductible donations to nonprofit charities that provide needed services to people who aren’t high up on anybody’s list. Below are a few of SN&R’s favorite local charities.

Loaves & Fishes
1321 North C Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 446-0874
needs money, gifts, volunteers

Sacramento Food Bank and Family Services
3333 3rd Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 456-1980
needs volunteers for grocery sorting, donations of food and money

Sacramento Habitat for Humanity
426 N. 7th Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 440-1215
needs volunteers, in-kind contributions, vehicle donations, funds

Sacramento Children’s Home
2750 Sutterville Road
Sacramento, CA 95820
needs vehicle donations, thrift store items, funds

California Emergency Foodlink
5800 Foodlink St.
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 452-3981
needs volunteers, money, food donations

Make-A Wish-Foundation of Sacramento
3841 N. Freeway Blvd., Suite 185
Sacramento, CA 95834
(888) 828-9474
needs goods and services (especially computers), funds

St. John’s Shelter for Women & Children
4410 Power Inn Road
Sacramento, CA
(916) 453-1482
needs cash, blankets, has a holiday wish list for current guests

Salvation Army
2550 Alhambra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 452-9388
needs volunteers, gifts, food and especially money for food and toys during the holidays