A Streetcar Named Desire

Big Idea Theatre

1616 Del Paso Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95815

(916) 390-9485


Rated 5.0

An American theater classic with two of the meatiest roles actors can ever undertake, A Streetcar Named Desire is dead on the rails in this new production at Big Idea Theatre. Shannon Mahoney’s Blanche is high-strung, emotionally vulnerable and self-involved. Matt Thompson’s Stanley menaces, growls and turns brutality into something as commonplace as his weekly poker game. The genteel, brittle Old South gets bundled up and shipped out by the redneck, working-class New South. Don’t miss the flying sparks. F, Sa 8pm; Su 2:30pm. Through 10/24. $12-$15. Big Idea Theatre, 1616 Del Paso Blvd., (916) 960-30306; www.bigideatheatre.com. K.M.