A plump, fresh Raisin

Trust grandma, son. Things will get bet1ter.

Trust grandma, son. Things will get bet1ter.

Celebration Arts Theatre

4469 D St.
Sacramento, CA 95819

(916) 455-2787


Rated 5.0

Lorraine Hans-berry’s play A Raisin in the Sun, the peak of a tragically foreshortened career, is 50 years old now, but it remains—unfortunately—as timely as ever. That’s because, in addition to the realities of American racism, Hansberry wove in themes on the nature of the class system so deftly that the striving of the Younger family feels like it’s happening in the here and now. Of course, it helps that this Celebration Arts production of the classic has a top-notch actor, Brandon Rubin, as Walter Lee Younger, a man tormented by his inability to provide for his own family in any but the most meager fashion. As his wise but frightened mother, Cynthia Gatlin is magnificent, while Alana Mathews gives fire to his long-suffering wife and Destiny Robbins brings just the right touch of adolescent angst to the upwardly mobile, politically aware younger sister. This is a brilliant production of an American classic.