A Man Apart

Rated 2.0 A maverick Drug Enforcement Administration agent (Vin Diesel) sets out to avenge the murder of his wife—he was the main target—by taking down a mysterious Mexican drug kingpin known only as Diablo. Diesel, Larenz Tate as his partner and Jacqueline Obradors as his doomed wife are the only things worth watching in this dreary retread from Steven Seagal-land. The script by Christian Gudegast and Paul Scheuring is more gunplay than plot, and even the gunfights are confusing and hard to follow, with characters we’ve never seen before yanking out guns and blasting away. We can’t even tell which side they’re on, and director F. Gary Gray doesn’t make things any clearer. Jack N. Green’s cinematography is meant to be tough and gritty, but it just looks cheap.