A Good Day to Die Hard

Rated 2.0

Tough cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) flies to Russia to check up on his son (Jai Courtney) who has landed in jail—only to learn that Junior is really CIA, and it's all part of his mission to spirit a political prisoner (Sebastian Koch) out of the country. Now Daddy is in the middle of things and about to either ruin everything or save the day—or both. This series ran out of gas with the first sequel and has been on life support ever since; writer Skip Woods and director John Moore fail to revive it here, but they cram in all they can think of, with Willis and Courtney surviving concussions, broken bones, explosions and outrunning machine-gun bullets. Is Courtney being groomed to take over when Willis finally has enough? What's next? Never Say Die Hard? Do or Die Hard? Who cares? Die hard, already!