Safe Haven

Rated 3.0

A young woman on the run (Julianne Hough) lands in a small North Carolina town, where she tries to lie low but can't help bonding with a widowed storekeeper (Josh Duhamel) and another newcomer (Cobie Smulders). Meanwhile, what she's on the run from is a Boston cop (David Lyons) who won't give up the chase, saying she's a suspect in a murder case. The formula that has served author Nicholas Sparks so well—romance, secrets, heartache, beautiful young people and gorgeous Carolina beaches—works once again for writers Leslie Bohem and Dana Stevens and director Lasse Hallström, especially the “beautiful people” part: Cinematographer Terry Stacey's camera virtually drools over Hough's lissom legs and pert little behind. There's a melodramatic climax and a twist ending that's unnecessary but amusing.