A fancier weekender

The Kimmie, the Yink & the Holy Gose; Anderson Valley Brewing Co.

You know how on August weekends you're likely to to start drinking long before sunset because, hey, summer and YOLO and all that? Ditch the usual cheap, watered-down weekender brew and pick up a six-pack of Anderson Valley Brewing Co.'s The Kimmie, the Yink & the Holy Gose. At just 4.2 percent ABV, it's got a lower alcohol punch than Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer and volumes more taste. The canned beverage ($8.99 a six-pack at Curtis Park Market) exhibits a bright, slightly spicy tartness that's refreshing but never overpowering. Pairs perfectly with veggie burgers and lazy porch swinging. https://avbc.com/the-kimmie-the-yink-the-holy-gose.