A Cross the Universe

Rated 3.0

Make no mistake: This so-called documentary of French electronic-dance duo Justice’s 2008 North American tour is anything but cinéma vérité. A Cross the Universe is a stunt, very much in the vein of Borat, which is apropos, ’cause the film, by SoMe and Justice, is damn funny. A case in point: Justice’s tour manager, who’s addicted to guns and packs a piece á la Plaxico Burress, gets arrested in a Denny’s. Hilarious. What’s very real, however, is all the crazy electro-fanatics who throw themselves at Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay; Universe plays like an outtake of Girls Gone Wild. Oh, what about the music, you say? Not much, actually—just snippets of their live-set throwdown. In the end, think Man Bites Dog meets Meeting People Is Easy. Say your prayers, down a shot, take in a bit of Gen Doom.