10 secrets to a dream honeymoon

Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, but your honeymoon will signify the rest of your life together. While you spend so much time planning every last detail of your ceremony—the cake, the linen, the flowers, even what chairs to use—the details of the most important trip of your life often are overlooked. Take some time off from planning the ceremony and fantasize about your honeymoon. After your wedding, when all the guests are gone, where do you want to start your new life together? What kind of trip do you both want? A totally romantic, relaxing vacation, or one with some activities and adventure? Here are some tips to help ensure that your honeymoon is everything you have always dreamed of:

1. Register your honeymoon. A honeymoon registry is free and allows you to post a special “wish list” of things you would really like to receive instead of just getting more “stuff” you don’t need. Your friends and family can purchase these honeymoon wishes for you as a gift with the convenience of an online honeymoon registry. A honeymoon registry can enable you to “live it up,” travel first class, and splurge a little for this special time in your lives. Explore ways to use a honeymoon registry service at Web sites like www.HoneymoonWishes.com

2. Include the groom in the honeymoon planning. You spend so much time planning every minute wedding detail of the wedding, make planning your honeymoon fun!

Photo By Mapurunga Photography

3. Consult a travel agent. Don’t take a chance on this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Use travel agents who specialize in honeymoons and are knowledgeable about which companies cater to honeymooners.

4. Take advantage of travel packages. Packages that include airfare, accommodations and a rental car can offer great savings and convenience. You will find that most honeymoon packages offer other exclusive benefits, too.

5. Forego early departures when traveling. Why be exhausted to start your trip? This is especially important on your wedding night when you may not be getting much sleep!

6. Pre-book tours, activities and shows to reserve the seats you want. Planning ahead means you won’t be disappointed when you get there. You can find hundreds of exciting and memorable things to do in any destination, simply by contacting the local visitors bureau or Chamber of Commerce. Plus, telling hotel staff and other service prodders that you will be on your honeymoon may inspire them to prepare a special experience for you.

7. Use your maiden name when making travel arrangements. While you may be anxious to use your married name, leaving on your honeymoon immediately after the ceremony means you won’t have time to change your legal documents, which can make traveling troublesome.

8. Start the trip with a complete day of “de-stressing.” For your first day, instead of tours and a night out on the town, plan a couple’s massage and a dinner show. The next day you will feel rested and revived.

9. Stay flexible. You have spent months worrying about everything from ordering the flowers to deciding which forks the guests will use; so, while traveling, forget the absolute perfection you strived for at the ceremony. If the plane is late or the weather is not cooperating, remember that this is your special time together. Patience and a great sense of humor will carry though into your marriage.

10. Brag! Tell the world that you are on your honeymoon. Let everyone know you are celebrating the beginning of your life together. Cheerfully welcome any complimentary offers and upgrades that come your way—you deserve it!

written by Kristin Stark of HoneymoonWishes.com and provided by the Association for Wedding Professionals International