08 Fri, The Derek Trucks Band

Crest Theatre, 7:30 p.m., $27.50-$40

Hats off to Roy Harper, and hats off to wunderkind guitar whiz Derek Trucks, our up-and-coming Jimmy Page. Page’s performances are few and far between, but when jonesing for a quick slide-guitar fix, Trucks has got the hookup. The Derek Trucks Band will be time-warping back to the days of the classical rock empire at the Crest Theatre, a beautiful venue to take in the sounds of slide. And brace yourself, ’cause Trucks is pretty much a badass, picking out classic, blues-tinted riffs while lead vocalist Mike Mattison supplements with his sandy and soulful voice. They’ve got the talent to make grown men weep (probably at their own musical inadequacy). 1013 K Street, www.myspace.com/thederektrucksband.