Issue: February 08, 2018

Hi everybody!

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review. This week's feature story is one

of the best we've done so far in this still very young year. Our special

projects editor, Jeri Chadwell, took a long, hard look at the Affordable

Care Act as it has been implemented in Nevada and how recent Republican

efforts to dismantle the ACA have affected Nevadans. It's a crucial read if

you're concerned about the health of the state.

Also in this week's issue, news editor Dennis Myers examines a payroll

software program that has been wreaking havoc at the university, restaurant

critic Todd South visits a crepe restaurant, and—just in time for

Valentine's Day!—I had the pleasure of speaking to a local woman who owns

a BDSM company.

As always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy of the paper for exclusive

columns, cartoons, and birdcage liner.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have no reason to keep our

health insurance.


Brad Bynum

RN&R Editor