The Russian front

Interesting to note that Dum Dum’s lawyers have been paying enough attention to their client’s act that they have now put him on the No Way list. As in NFW he gets to chat with Mr. Mueller, baby, NFW. The Dowd/Cobb team sees very well that The Donster has a tendency to lie, and lie frequently, especially when talking to, you know, another human being. On occasion, he enters a TLZ (Trump Lying Zone) where he’s been known to get extremely comfortable in peeling off some double-take super whoppers. So the POTUS’s legal team has put the prez on the bench in this situation because of a total certainty that he’ll start lying his ass off, which will quickly lead to some very inconvenient felony charges. In order to properly do their job, the legal team strategy has one main goal—make goddamn sure Mueller is gonna have to work really really hard to talk to the Twitler.

The optics of this defense plan aren’t all that peachy. Because once again, Trump doesn’t just look guilty, he reeks guilty. And this whole reality show is playing out on some fairly thin ice, where the ole boy might just blow a gasket and/or a fuse at any minute and go completely haywire. So we got that goin’ for us.

The world’s problems shall now be explained very briefly yet accurately, and on a deep, dark, fundamental level. Too many people fucking. Too many fucking people. Again. Too many people fucking. Too many fucking people. Got it? Once more. Too many people fucking. Too many fucking people. Questions? Kindly consult Sly and The Family Stone’s “Babies Makin’ Babies.”

One thing you can take to the bank—right now, right this very second, Russian cyberterrorist hacker bot manipulator computer creeps are working on ways to mangle our election in November and keep Putin-licking Retrumplicans in office. Sure as air. And the current administration, headed by a guy who gets closer and closer to just flat out drooling on his MAGA lapel pin, will do absolutely nothing about it. No way. NFW.

Would one reporter in The Pool, just one, ask Sarah Suckadee Sanders, “Why won’t you tell us when Trump/Tillerson/Anybody is meeting/calling/fellating the Russians? Why do we always have to find this shit out from the goddamn Russians?” This consistent bizarre, submissive secrecy with the accursed Russians is no longer curious, odd or peculiar, but is now clearly villainous, insidious and sinister. And again, the optics look downright dog-doo-esque. As in WTF is up?