Letters for February 8, 2018

Bruce readers

Re “That’s not all he’s not” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Jan. 18):

Your recent column about our rudderless leader was excellent. It contained most of what I feel about him and our country. Thank you very much. Keep it up. Democracy dies in the darkness.

Evelyn Lindauer


Re “That’s not all he’s not” (Notes from the Neon Babylon, Jan. 18):

Wow! So, Barack wasn’t a liar. Really? A professional, non-racist, smartest man ever, reasonable, walk-on-water, lover of America, that, beyond all racial barriers set forth by the white man, rose to the calling of mankind to cleanse us of our sins. Uh huh, whew, what part would you like to argue first? Ya know, fact-based argument?

When it comes to name-calling, finger-pointing, bitching, and making fun, Babble On leads the rest of the second graders as he reaches out to what he thinks is the majority of people. I used to love the RN&R, for finding out the Reno vibe, the night life, and events. The promotion of local business owners, stories of our history, and the potpourri of the content was good. But after over a year of bashing our president while holding Barack, Hillary and Democratic antics on high pedestals, quite frankly, is disgusting. As we find out about what lengths Hillary abused her power and made a mockery of our country and its people, and the proven fact that she, Barack, and so many more elites lied, under oath, about their hand in trying to rig the election, let alone the incredible amounts of money spent to ruin Trump, to read the shit Babble On has to say, along with all the other children employed by RN&R, it becomes comical.

Sad, it’s money that inspires people, who in return, shop more, which in return, fuels economic growth, and the promotion of businesses advertising in your paper, though I feel LIKE the obvious bustle of life that keeps them open, are going to not be seen by me (and a host of others that are tired of the crap). I know, who cares, right? I’m just one of the few people, the minority, the (fill in the rest of the sentence with all the things we’ve been called). It was funny watching TV the night the actual majority spoke and elected Trump. The reaction of the media was great. Since then, it’s only gotten better. And though a travesty to America to watch events unfold and unveil the sewage of the Dems, while knowing there are people that, no matter what, will only create clever li’l names instead of being pissed off at how bad we we’re all played by the Dems, well, they become the comics. …

What’s even sadder is to think that someone so biased actually teaches our next generation at a community college. … One good thing, as long as there are bird cages to line, or glasses to pack, the RN&R will have a purpose. Bummer to have to say. SEE YA.

Larry Moody


Wogstead speaks

Re “Safe passage” (cover story, Jan. 18):

Your story chronicled events truly tragic and unfortunate. I would wish none of this on anyone. It is a great fear of mine to be involved in a pedestrian/vehicular accident on either side of the fender. I always attempt to scurry across streets as seven-decades-old legs allow me.

I was, however, puzzled that the article made but one reference to the most basic of pedestrian responsibility, that of looking both ways before crossing. I always make a mental note of the people actively scanning for traffic before and during street crossing, in a crosswalk or not. This is an activity that is sorely lacking. It appears to me less than a third of pedestrians, especially younger ones, do this. … Are they looking for a lawsuit to solve financial woes? Are they aware of how hard and impenetrable to a human body a vehicle is? Is it suicide by car? This is senseless to me.

Please motorists, be careful. Your dangers are traffic tickets, vehicle damage, guilt over striking a pedestrian and resulting financial burdens. It all pales by comparison to the suffering of the person struck by your vehicle.

It all goes back to Mrs. Wogstead, my first grade teacher. “Look both ways before you cross the street.” Pretty basic. But is this still taught? One has to wonder.

PS. Todd South is the man. Give him a big raise.

B. Wood