Wrath of the Titans

Rated 2.0

Wrath of the Titans: Bad beards, an especially drab actor, and a whole lot of messed up Greek mythology nonsense make their return in this bad film that is, nonetheless, a marked improvement over 2010’s inexcusable Clash of the Titans. There are enjoyable, even exciting stretches in this film where the action and pyrotechnics overwhelm the fact that the movie is anchored with the dullard that is Sam Worthington. As Perseus, son of Zeus aspiring to be nothing but a human fisherman with awesome flip-hair, he registers zero on the charisma meter. Being that he’s onscreen more than anybody in these Titan pics, it’s a little hard to endorse them. This has some pretty decent explosions and a couple of neat creatures. The 3-D, while not extraordinary, is better than it was in chapter one of this hopefully finished franchise.