Mirror Mirror

Rated 2.0

Mirror Mirror: Director Tarsem Singh, who made last year’s awful, horrible Immortals, does a little better with this wacky take on the story of Snow White. Julia Roberts does her best as the evil queen looking to rid herself of the beautiful Snow White (a charming Lily Collins). Armie Hammer gives it a go as the handsome prince, while Nathan Lane tries to provide comic relief. The film looks good, with lush visuals and costuming. The seven dwarfs are toughed up and amusing. Yet, the film struggles to find a consistent tone that it never quite achieves. Tarsem is capable of making a good-looking movie—it’s just that his movies are usually kind of irredeemably silly. The film rips off Ella Enchanted during its credits by having Collins lip-synch a pop song. Stupid.