Titanic in 3D

Rated 5.0

Titanic in 3D: Don’t even hesitate to catch this on the big screen again, and don’t let the 3-D deter you. James Cameron and his crew have done a great job “enhancing” what I consider to be one of the greatest films ever made. The 3-D images, especially in the opening, actual footage of the Titanic wreck, are mesmerizing. While I don’t need to be reminded how great an actor Leonardo DiCaprio is, it’s a cinematic rush to see him in his star-making moment again. One of the main differences between Cameron’s Titanic and his Avatar is that, in this film, he had DiCaprio and Kate Winslet masterfully delivering his corny dialogue, as opposed to Sam Worthington in the other. Even Billy Zane’s performance has aged incredibly well; what I once found to be annoying has grown into a great, all-time classic screen villain. The film still hits all the right notes. The 3-D intensifies the experience. It’s a solid time at the movies.